About David Redding

David Redding is a commercial litigator and founder of Redding Jones, PLLC, co-founder of F3Naton and The Iron Project. He can be reached at dredding@reddingjones.com.

The Ten Commandments Of Litigation-free Communication

  In 1960, you had very few communication choices If you had something important to say you could have a meeting, make a telephone call, send a letter, maybe a telegram. But that was about it. Things said in calls and meetings might have gotten the 1960s-you in trouble, but the spoken word evaporated quickly. [...]

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The Bullfrog Evolution – Avoid at All Costs

All organizations begin life as Lizards and only start evolving into Bullfrogs if they succeed. I base this premise on my observation that while there are a lot of Bullfrogs, I cannot think of any organization that started life that way.* There are three reasons that organizations naturally begin life as Lizards: Size.  Organizations are generally small [...]

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The Lizard and The Bullfrog Business Types

Like most people, I have spent the majority of my life in organizations that were designed, constructed and managed by other people. These organizations have had diverse missions and members and (at least on the surface) have all seemed very different in function. I have been in Infantry and Special Forces units, law firms of [...]

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Questions Clients Should Ask Commercial Litigators — #3 Do You Have The Right Experience For My Case?

You have a business dispute and have been referred to a lawyer by someone you trust. You are meeting with him and he seems like he knows what he’s talking about. On the wall of his office he has diplomas and things attesting to the various courts in which he is privileged to practice. [...]

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Questions Clients Should Ask Commercial Litigators — #2 What Is This Going To Cost?

You are meeting with a commercial litigator over a business dispute. You have asked him what your case is worth and he has given you his best estimate. Here is what you should ask him next: what is this going to cost me? It is always interesting to me how few clients (including the ones [...]

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Questions Clients Should Ask Commercial Litigators — #1 What Is My Case Worth?

Commercial Litigators are the lawyers companies and people hire when they have a business dispute. They don’t put up billboards or send letters to your house. You generally aren’t going to see the news van outside the courthouse when they try a case, even a big one. If it’s your trial, it’s the kind [...]

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